Bless You, Peter!

As I do many times in this posting, you will find the phrase – “Bless you, Peter!”.  This simply my way of saying hurrah, Peter!, or giving him a proper salute for a job well done.

Folks have many different views of the Apostle Peter.  For the most part I believe that our Christian view of Peter goes something like this:

He was impulsive.  He acted before he thought.  He spoke out when maybe he should have been silent.  He jumped into things, without fully appreciating the risks or costs.

And all those claims would be true.  But, Bless you, Peter, for letting us know what it means to be a leader.  Bless you, Peter, for not being afraid when everyone else thought it safest to stay in the boat.  Bless you, Peter, for wanting to build a tabernacle on top of the mountain, when you didn’t even have the proper materials or tools.

Bless you, Peter, for jumping into the water and swimming to shore to meet the Lord, when everyone else thought it best to take the boat in.  Bless you, Peter, for running out of money, and thinking it best to give the man what you had left, Jesus, and healing his infirmity.

Bless you, Peter, for at first resisting the attempt of the Lord to wash your feet.  Then after finding out it was necessary, deciding you needed to be washed from head to toe.

Bless you, Peter, for falling fast asleep on the eve of your expected execution.  Bless you, Peter, for grasping the core concept of Christianity, that it was not just for the Jews, but for everyone.

Bless you, Peter, for preaching a message to the unsaved, even after you had denied the Lord, and failed Him.

Bless you, Peter, for going into the tomb, although this was against Jewish tradition and teaching concerning the dead.

Yes, bless you, Peter, for being the man God chose to lead His newly born church, and to set an everlasting example of the power of commitment, and of action, even when it was risky or unproven.

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