Life is, what shall we say – strange.  Although, the ‘experts’ will tell you all kinds of things about life, it still ends up being a bit strange and a mystery.  While we understand many things about life there still remains a large portion which is hidden from our view.

Perhaps, that is why much of Ecclesiastes sounds distressed and somewhat depressing.  Of course, we know that Solomon wasn’t in the best frame when he wrote Ecclesiastes, and most scholars attribute his depressed writing to the fact that towards the latter portion of his life he was drawn away from God by his various marriages to women of foreign pagan cultures.  But, that really doesn’t tell the whole story of Ecclesiastes.  You see, according to the scriptures, Solomon was the wisest man ever.  Past or future.

What does ‘wisdom’ have to do with Solomon’s writing?  Everything.  You see with great wisdom comes the ability to ponder, to think, to take apart, to understand.  But, there’s one tiny little problem —

Much of life, at least from our standpoint, remains a mystery, and a puzzle that has no answer, or at least, an answer we can understand.

Even people who think they have everything figured out, and who are, at present time, sitting on top of the world.  Their world can come crashing down in a few moments time, and all the kings men, and all the kings horses cannot put it back together again.  For most of us, life is a series of events, some good, some wonderful, some tolerable, and some just plain bad or painful.  Although we would like to believe we are in control of our life, the reality is we are in control of very little.

Now before you think I’m writing a real ‘downer’ of a posting, and wonder what kind of shape I’m in – ponder this.  Is what I’m saying true or false?

Now before we lose hope, we also need to understand a few other things:

  1. While life may be a mystery, and we have no complete control, God is still in command
  2. Large portions of our life, if not all of it, will only make sense when we enter eternity
  3. While we may not understand or comprehend the events in our life, God has a plan, and that plan includes us, and what happens to us
  4. Much of God’s plan for our life may have little to do with us, but involves our interaction with others
  5. To avoid mental anguish and needless suffering the best way forward for us is to submit to God’s plan, and stop trying to figure everything out
  6. The basic rules have remained the same, and are understandable by everyone – 1) love God, 2) love your neighbor



2 Responses to “Strange”

  1. Carol Gilham Says:

    Oh the mysteries of this life! But one day when we see Him face to face, all will be understood.
    I long for that day!

  2. Says:

    Excellent blog and by the way, I absolutely LOVE the book of Ecclesiastes. Such truth found in that book! Blessings…

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