Who Do You Pay Attention To?

If one were to pull away from our day-to-day hustle and bustle and somehow elevate ourselves so that we could look down on our daily activity, what would we see?

What are the things, and people, we pay attention to?  What are the things, and people, we avoid?  Who are we happy to see, and who are we ‘pained’ to see?  Who are the ones who only want something from us, and who are the ones who are always giving to us?  Who are the ones encouraging us, and who are the ones causing us grief and pain?

It makes perfect sense, from a human perspective, to show more attention to those who make us happy, or who can make our lives more enjoyable.  The ones who might always need our help, therefore, sometimes go on the back-burner of our ‘to-do’ list.

It’s not too hard to understand things from a human perspective, but what does God think, and how does He act?  Who does He pay attention to, and who does He avoid?  The best answer we have for those questions comes from reviewing the actions of Jesus recorded in the gospels.

During His three and one-half years of ministry, Jesus had many things on His ‘to-do’ list.  Each day was filled with people, places, travels, and activities.  He was busy teaching, correcting, healing, and performing a variety of miracles.  What is most interesting, however, in Jesus’ recorded history is not those things that were on His calendar.  It was those things and people that were not in His schedule.

Now let’s put this into perspective.  If you were the Son of God, on a mission directed by the Father, would you allow yourself to be interrupted from your normal schedule?  Who would you allow to have access to yourself and your limited time?  Could just anyone approach you and take up your time?

From what we can gain from reviewing the gospels, anyone, with any cause, could gain access to Jesus.  Although, there were times when His disciples tried to discourage ones from gaining access, we find that Jesus was not pleased with their actions.

We can find no ‘filter’ that Jesus used to determine who might have access to Himself.  Rich, poor, sinner, saint, high authority, no authority, healthy and diseased all gained access to Him.

What does this tell us about God?  Can anyone gain access?  Do you have to possess special credentials?  Do you have to be a certain status or position or have wealth?  Does He only grant access to those who are believers?

What can we take away from this?

  1. God can accept anyone, even those we think are not worthy
  2. God’s rules are somewhat different from ours.  We put lots of distinction on wealth, position, fame, even righteousness, not understanding that even the unrighteous can gain some audience with God
  3. We could learn a few things from just reviewing who Jesus accepted.  Who gained access to Jesus?  Virtually, anyone who had the drive it took to get into His presence.

One Response to “Who Do You Pay Attention To?”

  1. Bea McGuire Says:

    Such a great blog and such good food for thought! Makes one stop and think! Blessings…..

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