That’s Not Exactly What I Said

Have you ever been misquoted?  Someone takes your words, and with a slight twist or misinterpretation turns them around completely.  In some cases, you might even say, “That’s not exactly what I said.”

But, it happens often, and not just with people.  We will take God’s Word, and apply our own interpretation to it.  Worse – we will sometimes tell Him what He said, as if to cross-examine a client and prove our case.  That is not wise, unless we know exactly what we are talking about, and what He was talking about.

And, that can be a problem.

The Pharisees and Sadducees, the scribes, the chief priests, and others had a hard time understanding God’s Word and the things Christ talked about.  They even argued with Him, (not a wise thing to do), on many topics.  In short, they tried to state God’s word, but the result was not exactly what He said.

If we are not careful we can run into the same problem.  We quote the Word back to God, “But, God, you said such and such..”, and we expect Him to submit to His Word.  And that is fine, but you better not misinterpret or misunderstand, or leave any words out.  People generally do not respond very well when their words are misquoted or misunderstood.  I somehow think God may be the same.  Of course, God is more tolerant of some things than we are, and He is certainly more patient than we are.  But, just to be safe it would be recommended we know exactly what we are talking about, before we accuse God of not keeping His Word.

One Response to “That’s Not Exactly What I Said”

  1. Says:

    Wow! Lots and lots to think about here! Such a truth that is never brought to our attention. This was insightful to say the least! Loved it. Blessings….

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