It’s Not a Cake-Walk

I would suppose one of the biggest confusion factors in the Christian realm, might go something like this, “If I’m a Christian, and God loves me, then why am I going through what I’m going through?”

And, let’s be fair – this is not just a whining complaint from someone who is never satisfied, there are serious situations involved – death, injury, relationship, marriage issues, children issues, loneliness, grief, chronic pain, disease, need I go on?

While we can put our imagination to work on this, and we often do, I suspect our conclusions are more wrong than right.  We come up with all kinds of reasons why things happen, especially bad things.  “God is trying to teach me a lesson.”  “God is punishing me for my wrongs.”  “God is upset with me.”

We sometimes forget that all throughout the Bible, people had problems.  Good people.  Anointed people.  Of course, their problems seem small when compared with our own.  And, we can clearly see the outcome of their problems, whereas we cannot see the end of the road for our own.

I’ve seen enough suffering by ‘good’ people to understand the answer lies elsewhere.  Even our imagination fails to unravel the mystery behind these things.  In fact, regardless of the ingenuity of man’s mind, there are only a few things we can say with certainty:

  1. Even when the storm is raging, God is still in control
  2. When the storm has subsided, and all that is left is rubble and destruction, God is still in control
  3. When it appears the storm has destroyed everything and there is no remedy or repair possible, God is still in control
  4. When there is no one to help or lend a hand, or even understand, God is still in control
  5. When our world turns upside-down, God is still in control

While we often do not understand the reason, or comprehend the purpose, God still has a plan.  God is not behind everything that happens.  Nor, is He the reason for everything that happens.  Nor, is He happy for everything that happens.  But, once again, God is still in control.

Some disasters are our own doing.  Some disasters come from natural causes (earth quakes, storms, etc…).  Some disasters are man-made.  And, still, some disasters are fostered by the Devil, or those working for him.

Regardless of the source or cause, God is still in control.

When Jesus told the thief, “This day you will be with Me in paradise”, it must have provided some mental relief.  However, the physical pain continued.  It even got worse.  For after Jesus died, the Roman soldiers broke the thief’s legs to hasten their death.  That doesn’t sound much like paradise to me.  Yes, I think he made that journey that day, just like Jesus promised.  But, in between the promise and fulfillment was some very intense suffering that we often forget.

So, let’s take a moment and talk about ‘Victory’.  This is a much more pleasant thought than suffering.  But, even that term is cloaked in confusion, as we sometimes don’t see the ‘victory’ for some individuals.  What we often see is disease, pain, and deterioration instead.  Where is the ‘victory’ for these folks?  Well, it is in the same place as it was for the thief on the cross with Jesus.  It is at the end of the journey, not in the beginning, or in the middle.  Obviously, we want our ‘victory’ NOW, if not sooner.  But, in some cases the victory will come beyond the curtain of this life.  Because the curtain obstructs our view, we have trouble grasping it, but this doesn’t make it any less real.

In summary, Christians have a difficult time sorting out the ups and downs in their life – myself included.  We want to know the ‘why’, and most often this question cannot be adequately answered.  But, while we may grope for answers, I’m assured that God is still in control, and that somewhere there is a reason and a purpose for everything.  I may not fully comprehend it, though, until I make that final journey.

One Response to “It’s Not a Cake-Walk”

  1. Says:

    Excellent blog! Pastor and I just talked about this very thing this week! I hear people say all the time, “When I get to heaven I’m going to ask the Lord why….” I personally think if we make it in we won’t really care about the “whys”! Good read. Blessings…

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