Chances for Success

Generally, when faced with a challenge or problem we might think, “I wonder what my chances for failure are?”

And, no doubt, with any challenge or problem there is always a chance for failure, either through unforeseen circumstances, forces out of our direct control, or our own limitations or mistakes.  But, what about the chances for success?

It is built into our human nature to worry about problems, and to sometimes assume the worse.  For some, this is a self-protection mechanism – “I don’t want to be surprised, if things go badly.”

Problems, though, can provide their own opportunity for success.  It may not always be apparent or clearly understood, but often they are there.  Sometimes the successful solution only becomes clear after you get further into working a problem.  Sometimes the ‘benefits’ of a problem only become apparent sometime later, when we have a chance to look back and assess the situation and outcome.

There is generally a positive and negative side of every situation.  Take as a simple example David and Goliath.  We take it for granted that this was a giant victory for both David and Israel, and it was.  But, also embedded in David’s victory over Goliath were the seeds for jealousy from King Saul, Abner, and others.  In other words, not everyone was pleased with David’s victory.  There were some negative results from this event.

So, does this mean that David’s victory over Goliath was bad?  No, certainly not.  This only illustrates that with any action or effort there is not only the chance for failure, but also there may be some negative results to go along with the success and positive results.  However, this should not dissuade you from taking the steps to perform what is right and proper.

It is interesting to note that during Jesus’ three and one-half years of ministry, He focused on teaching, healing, feeding, and restoring people physically, mentally, and spiritually.  But, even with that success record there were people who wanted to see Him dead and removed from the earth.  What crime did He commit, that would warrant death?  That’s right – none.  It becomes clear that even with doing good, some people may hate you, despise you, and want to see you come to harm.

With every action or effort there is a chance for failure, but there is a bigger chance for success.

One should note, that success is not always measured in volume, numbers, or dollars.  There are other measures for success that are more meaningful.  How many people have you helped?  How many people have you encouraged?  How many people have benefited from your being in this place and time?  Those are more significant measures of success than merely numbers or dollars.

The chance for failure should not keep us from also viewing our chances for success.  It might even be said, that the only failure is in not trying at all, and that as long as a person tries they cannot be labeled a failure.

One Response to “Chances for Success”

  1. Barbara L. McGuire Says:

    Excellent blog! It encourages one to keep trying and to never give up! Blessings…

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