The Perfect Evangelist

This post could talk about perfect teachers, ministers, pastors, and other Christian leaders.  But, the question would be the same, “what would it look like if they were perfect?”

well, we could put away such things as dress, style of clothes or shoes, hair color, of if they had hair, if they are male or female, of if they are married, or single.  We could dismiss if they were rich, poor, or anywhere in between.  We could dismiss nationality and language.  We could also dismiss if they were beautiful or ugly, tall or short, fat or skinny.

there is really only a single measure that is meaningful in this exercise and that is how Christ-like are you?  Do you love the way He loves?  Do you talk the way He talks?  Do you conduct yourself the way He conducted Himself?  Do you have the faith He has?  Are you as obedient to the Father as He is?

being a perfect minister is not about preaching a “knock-down” message where everyone was shouting and slain in the Spirit.  It is more about delivering message under the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit.

but, even greater things than messages can be delivered.  How do you live?  How do you solve problems?  How do you treat others?  Are you able to forgive,or do you hold grudges?  Are you able to treat people without favoritism?  Can you love those who are unloveable?

what are you willing to give up in order to accomplish God’s will for your life?

what dreams will you lay aside in order for God’s will to be perfected in your life?

thr measure of these questions and your answers will largely determine how close you may come to being the “Perfect Evangelist”, pastor, teacher, leader, etc…

One Response to “The Perfect Evangelist”

  1. Barbara L. McGuire Says:

    Wow! This says it all! Our life is the “living testimony” of what we truly are. I hope mine displays the character of Christ. That’s what I strive for. Blessings….

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