Is God Frivolous?

Recently, as I was making my way through traffic, I spied a bumper sticker, “JESUS NEVER FRILS”.  I was immediately intrigued and fascinated by this slogan, and tried hard to get my head around it.

I finally came to the conclusion that this is a very powerful and insightful concept expressed in three little words.  As I got closer to the vehicle, however, I noticed the lettering was not “R”, but an “A” instead, that looked a lot like an “R”.  This made the bumper sticker, “JESUS NEVER FAILS”.  Ahhhh, I laughed at myself for misunderstanding, but the original thought persisted, and as you can see resulted in this blog posting you are now reading.

The concept, “JESUS NEVER FRILS”, is really just as powerful and important as the correct rendering, “JESUS NEVER FAILS”.  We serve a Lord and God who is not frivolous or careless.  If He was, there would be chaos and disorder throughout the earth and universe, to the extent that our tiny little planet would not be able to sustain life as we know it.

If God was frivolous, no doubt we would all be in significant trouble.  It would indicate He didn’t care, which is absolutely untrue.  If God was frivolous, then how would we ever know when He was serious?  The very act of being frivolous would mean things we consider to be important might not be that important to Him.  How sad would that be?

In writing these blog postings I never know what God intends to accomplish with my meager writing skills, but hopefully this will minister to someone’s need, and get them a little further down the path.  It is important to know that He never ‘fails’ and He never ‘frils’ either.


One Response to “Is God Frivolous?”

  1. Carol Gilham Says:

    Right on, Chuck!

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