Top – By Way of the Bottom

This posting is another attempt at explaining the unexplainable things we sometimes encounter in life.

I believe that most people, perhaps, not all, reach a place in life where they feel they have reached ‘bottom’.    When I say ‘bottom’, as I do many times in this post, it could mean many things to many people, and is hard to pin down as a definition.  But, let’s just say that reaching ‘bottom’ can take a variety of forms – medical, health, financial, relationships, pressure/stress, unemployment, under-employed, debt, problems with the law, etc…

To summarize reaching ‘bottom’ means a loss of hope, loss of self-esteem, sometimes loss of possessions or money, and leaves one feeling empty or in despair.

But, sometimes — just sometimes — the only only way to reach the top is by way of the ‘bottom’.  In fact in Navy Seal training if you don’t know how to reach bottom you will die during some of their endurance trials.

Take a swimming pool with about 12 feet of water in it, tie some men’s hands behind their back and throw them in the deep end for about 5 minutes.  The proper method for surviving this test is to follow a simple procedure.  You let air out so your body will drop to the bottom, once on the bottom you shove off towards the surface where in the brief moment your head is above water you take in more air.  And then you repeat that process for at least 5 minutes, bobbing up and down.  If you panic or struggle to try and reach the surface any other way, you might just drown or at minimum flunk the test.

Reaching bottom is not the end.  It may look like the end, and it may feel like the end, but if you don’t panic and use the bottom to shove yourself upwards, you just might make it.  Things, however, don’t change overnight, and sometimes patience and commitment are also required.  But, take hope, my friend, many have reached bottom and have managed to come out ok.  There are things to learn while on the bottom.  There are lessons to be applied.  There are changes we need to make.  We must find the courage to press on.

I know — a little unusual posting this time, but there is someone, somewhere who just might need this.

2 Responses to “Top – By Way of the Bottom”

  1. Carol Gilham Says:

    The bottom…..
    Where the Father’s full giving as only begun!

  2. Barbara L. McGuire Says:

    Wow! I needed this!! What a great post (although I’ll admit that I felt like I couldn’t hardly breathe while reading this since I am afraid of the water)! I am in the midst of having to make some very difficult decisions regarding my aging mother. I won’t forget this post. It ministered to me!

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