There are as many views about God, who He is, what He does, etc… as there are people in the world.  But, if we use the Bible as our baseline then there is really only one way to ‘know’ God, that is by having a relationship with Him.

It is quite different knowing about God, and having a relationship with Him.  To make matters more interesting, everyone’s relationship is unique and a bit different, although there are some common characteristics.

To add even more to the conversation, it is clear you cannot have a relationship with God that contradicts the Word.  Of course, that doesn’t stop people from saying something different, or believing something different.  In fact, there are people who claim to have a close relationship with God who want nothing to do with the Word or with Jesus Christ.  But, according to the Word this is impossible.

In the Book of John there is quite a series of arguments and disagreements Jesus had with the religious leaders of the time about this very subject.  They did not accept that Jesus was the Christ, the Savior of the world, the Son of God.  Jesus tried to tell them that if they did not accept Him they did not know the Father, either, because Jesus was sent by the Father to the world.  If we take this as our base then it is clear a rejection of Jesus as the Savior also means a rejection of the Father who sent Him.

Look at it this way – God had a plan.  The plan was to send His Son to be the Savior of the world, and to be the supreme sacrifice for sin.  When we reject Christ we are not rejecting only Christ, but the Father who put the plan into action.  There is no Plan B, or Plan C, or alternate option.

Actually the plan is quite old.  After Adam and Eve were ejected from the Garden of Eden, there was only one way to gain access to God, and that was through faith.  We see this in Noah, and we see it in Abraham who was the Father of Faith for all who would follow.

Faith has always been the blade that separates believers from unbelievers.  It is also the basis on which a relationship with God can be established.  Since the Father has put all into the hands of the Son, the first step is whether we accept (believe) God’s plan of salvation that involves His Son.  Rejection of this first step, or trying to insert some sort of substitute (good works), is simply not going to work.  It is fundamental.

Of course, not everyone believes this.  But, we shouldn’t be surprised, because they didn’t even believe it when it came straight out of the mouth of God.

The world is moving in a general direction of a ‘universal God’.  A God who accepts all religions and beliefs, and puts no boundaries or rules between people or their belief systems.  In this ‘universal world’ there are many paths to God, and to heaven.  While this sounds quite good, it is not borne out in the scriptures.  They actually say something different.  They say God had a plan for the redemption of mankind, and that plan included sending His Son to die for the sins of the world and to reconcile man to Himself via this sacrifice.  He (the Father) did not set up alternate plans.  One plan.  One Savior.  Period.

This seems harsh to some.  It also puts fundamental Christianity in conflict with the prevailing world view.  But, understand, at some point it will be the prevailing world view the Anti-Christ will use in controlling the world and pushing the world to war with God in the final conflict that is revealed in the scriptures for the end times.

Believing in Christ is the ‘beginning’ of the relationship, and doesn’t stop there.  It must continue through prayer, reading the Word, and service.  It is the beginning of a journey that will only be completed when we pass from this life to eternal life.

One Response to “Relationship”

  1. Barbara L. McGuire Says:

    What an AWESOME blog! Pastor and I just had this very conversation this morning and then when I read this…I’m like…wow! Our exact conversation. It’s sad to see the depth of deception that is coming to light “within” the church walls. It’s scary stuff! People need to pray that they “be not deceived” with each passing day! People don’t get into the Word like they should. I’m not being judgmental but observant. We are moving closer and closer daily. I want to make it in! Every church needs to hear this blog! Blessings…

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