The Natural Order

I’m not sure I can explain in a few short sentences the concept of what I’m calling ‘Natural Order’, and how Natural Order can be changed or altered.  But, once again, here we go….

First of all, I need to put a definition to what I’m calling ‘Natural Order’, as I think there may be all kinds of different ideas about what that term means.  In this blog, I define ‘Natural Order’ thus – “Natural Order is a system of rules and laws that have been put in place by God, that largely govern how things work in our earthly existence.  It describes the normal rules of nature, physics, how we are born, how we age, and how we die.  Although, there are differences in individual lives and experiences, overall the Natural Order God has put in place prevails.”

In other words, God has placed certain things into a sphere of operation that has changed little from the beginning.  For example, gravity doesn’t come and go on a random basis.  Seasons generally follow certain basic rules.

Now for the interesting part….

For the most part God does not alter or change the Natural Order of things.  But, there are exceptions.  These exceptions create what we call ‘miracles’.  When Jesus walked on the water, this act changed the Natural Order of things, at least for a short season.  When Jesus raised the dead, this act altered the Natural Order associated with disease, age, and death.  When Jesus healed the blind, this changed the Natural Order.

Now more than ever we need God to change the Natural Order of things.  We might even call this ‘intervention’.  We need God to change the Natural Order of things, in order for miracles to continue to take place.

Now, I believe God doesn’t just change the Natural Order on a whim, or without reason.  I also believe it is the fervent, effectual prayer of the righteous that engages God in changing the Natural Order of things.  In other words, someone somewhere is praying for God to intervene and change things.

Yes, it is a mystery that it appears some prayers are answered and some are not.  I say ‘appears’ because we do not yet have all the answers as to why God seems to answer some prayers and not others.  We may yet find that all prayers of faith God answers, although the answers may not be what we want or expect.

Without God’s intervention we can expect the Natural Order will continue as it has for thousands of years, and thousands of generations.  But, with God’s intervention the Natural Order of things can be changed.

The Bible is full of examples of where God changed the Natural Order of things, and He did it mostly by the prayers of His people.  I have every confidence He is still in the business of changing the Natural Order, but it is not going to just happen because we wish it to happen.  It will happen through our persistent and fervent prayers, and the exercise of our God-given faith.

One Response to “The Natural Order”

  1. Barbara L. McGuire Says:

    I think you explained this very well! Excellent blog. Blessings!

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