So, What Should He Have Done?

Ever wonder what God’s plan for your life is?  Ever wonder where He will lead you next?  Ever wonder what your future will be like?  Ever wonder if your life makes an impact or difference?

At some point, I suppose everyone has those thoughts.  They are questions with no easy answers.  In fact, only God can answer those kind of questions, and He is not talking.

While I do not have an answer for that question I can refer you to some examples of how God dealt with individuals in the past.

When John the Baptist was thrown into prison he sent two messengers to Jesus to ask the simple question, “Are you the one we are looking for, or should we look for another?”  This is not a lack of faith on the part of John, but is a simple question that could be reworded as something like this, “I did what God told me to do and now I’m in prison, and you are not doing anything about it.  Why?”

Jesus did send back word to John, but He didn’t change John’s situation, nor did He try and explain the future to John.  A short time later John was executed by Herod, and apparently had no prior notice of this.  Why didn’t God let John in on His plan?

When Stephen was evangelizing and preaching the Word the religious leaders of the time got infuriated.  Stephen then preached them a message that made them so mad he was stoned to death by those same leaders.  Did Stephen know this was going to happen?  Probably not.  Why didn’t God tell him ahead of time?

There are many more such examples, too numerous to count.  But, it is clear God doesn’t tell us everything.  Why?

While we may not be able to supply an adequate answer to this question, we can make some determinations that probably make sense, as to the question “Why?”:

  1. God’s plan for our lives includes a lot more than just what happens to us.  In fact, His plan could be considered so vast and immense it would be impossible for us to grasp, even if He told us.
  2. God’s plan for our lives may include some unpleasant things, that should we know ahead of time it could alter our thoughts and actions.  In other words, it’s best to not know everything about the future.
  3. It is apparently part of God’s plan for man (including women and children, of course) to be taken one step at a time.  Too much information regarding the future could distract us from what needs to be done right now.

While God may not reveal our future, He does tell us the things we need to know.  He may tell us directly, through an angel messenger, or through a human messenger.  He may also tell us through the things we experience and live through.

You cannot change the past, and the future is beyond our ability to predict.  We are, therefore, instructed to live for the day at hand.  Some things ‘appear’ to be safeguards for our future – money, position, education, power, etc… but this is an illusion.  The only safeguard for our future is faith in a loving God, who has our best interests in mind.

The final score of our life, and the work we accomplish, will only be tallied after we have made the journey home.  And in some cases, those tallies cannot be totaled up until the end of the age.  As an example of this, the tally for Moses, David, Paul, John the Baptist, and countless others are still being added up, as their lives, as recorded in the scriptures, are still having an effect on the lives of people today.

So, don’t concern yourself with what God’s plan for your future might be.  We must continue to take one step at a time, as he gives us the ability to do so.  Our tasks, small or great, are measured to us as He sees fit.

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