The Sword that Divides

All worldly religions attempt to define God, or the absence of God, in their own way.  Sometimes they use the things of nature to define who God is.  In others, they believe their leaders were given revelations into the divine nature of God.

But, if God determined the world could only know Him through His Son, and that He (the Father) had placed all authority in His Son, and that only through the sacrifice of His Son the world would be redeemed from sin and death, then all arguments and theories would become mute.

But, for the most part, the world refuses to accept those things.  Even during Jesus’s earthly ministry there were those who refused to accept Him as the Messiah.  They believed in a Messiah, but refused to accept Christ as that Messiah.  They were looking for another.

It was as if God had sent a Sword to the earth and divided those that would believe from those who would not.  And so He has.

The salvation that Christ purchased on Calvary is available to all men, women, and children.  But, in order for the salvation to become effective it must be accepted by faith, and not all are willing to make that choice.  God has placed into each individual’s account a ticket for salvation, but you must show up in person to collect your ticket.

We think this is something new, but really faith has been at the heart of believers from the very beginning of the human race.  Even before Abraham (the Father of Faith) was born, Noah believed God and built the ark, to the saving of himself and his family.  It was all by faith.

Moses crossed the Red Sea by faith.

David conquered Goliath by faith.

The more we learn about the Universe, and how it works, the more it draws us to an understanding that things don’t ‘simply happen’, but that a Master Designer designed and built it to operate a certain way.

The more we learn by looking through the microscope, and study biology and the human body, the more it points to the fact that there had to be a Master Designer who designed and built things to operate a certain way.

While man has progressed in his knowledge and understanding, we can say with some certainty, that we know less now than at any time in history.  How is this possible?  Because as man unravels the layers of life and the universe, the more layers are left unexplored and unknowable.  In other words, the details built into the tiniest of atomic particles, as well as the massiveness of the most studied stars in the heavens are all designed to show us the Creator’s handwork.  The ‘smart’ person pulls back from the microscope and telescope and declares, “Surely, this was created by God.”

But, it still requires a leap of faith to accept God.  And God has placed the path to salvation and relationship with Himself solely in the hands of His Son, Jesus Christ.  This was God’s doing, and not man’s.  This is not the work of man’s imagination or dreams, but is the plan of God.  There is no plan “B”.  There is no alternate option.

2 Responses to “The Sword that Divides”

  1. Carol Gilham Says:

    Truth! Very well written, Chuck.

  2. Barbara L. McGuire Says:

    Great insight and so true. I LOVE this walk of Faith! Blessings…..

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