The Perfect Life

So, you are in perfect health.  You have no family or friends that need your constant care or attention.  You may not be rich, but you have everything life can offer, and are doing fine.

But, what about the rest?  While people do not have the same problems, and everyone’s life is different, there are generally challenges that everyone must face, and sometimes endure.  Sometimes they endure it for a season, and in others they endure for a lifetime.

Is this unfair?  Well, only God can answer that question.  Is it unequal?  Often, yes, it is.  Do the people that suffer deserve it?  Often, not.

Then, how do we make sense of it?  What makes the unendurable endurable?

For one – the idea of a ‘perfect life’ is a myth.  Money can’t buy it.  Position and fame can’t make it happen.  Perfect health is good, but it is not the only thing we have to deal with.

There is an answer.  It’s not an answer that eliminates problems or situations or distresses.  But, it is an answer that makes those things endurable and worthwhile.  The answer – a life dedicated to living for Christ and God the Father.  A life yielded to His master plan.  A life dedicated to fulfilling His perfect plan for us.

But, let’s not be fooled.  A life lived under God’s master plan may not be a bed of roses and luxury.  In fact, there may be many unpleasant and unwanted events.  This has been true from the beginning, and is true today.

Take the problem of pain.  Pain may come in many forms:

  1. Physical pain in the body
  2. Mental pain
  3. Emotional pain

Those are personal pains.  But, there are also pains we endure on the behalf of others.  Caregivers, and those who feel the pain of those they love are also sources of pain.  In fact, it is sometimes the case we would rather feel the pain ourselves than see our family or friends go through their own pain.

In general, there is little to be gained from these pain experiences.  But, there is an exception – when we are yielded to God’s master plan, then every experience of life becomes part of the plan, whether that experience is good or bad.  Of course, it is easy to see how good experiences help us, but a bit more challenging to understand how bad experiences are beneficial to us.  In fact, some experiences we may not fully understand in our lifetime here on this earth.

So, as far as this earthly existence is concerned, what is the ‘perfect life’?  It is a life yielded to Christ and Father God, and lived within His master plan for our life.  That, my friend, is as good as it gets.  In this plan it would be rare you would get everything you want or desire.  It would be rare you experience no pain, weariness, or fear.  It would be rare you experience no loss, grief, or sorrow.  But, it would still be the best possible plan for your life.

In this plan you cannot always do the things you want to do.  You cannot always take the simple and easy path.  You cannot side-step or ignore those things that are unpleasant.

But, where is the payoff?

There will be payoff in this life, and in the life to come.  You will receive benefits here, and more benefits later.  In many cases, you will be gathering ‘treasure’ that will only be revealed when you get to heaven.

Let us remember a few basic things:

  1. God will not do those things you are capable of doing for yourself
  2. You cannot do the things that only God, Himself, is capable of doing
  3. You and God are working together, to fulfill the plan for your life
  4. You need God’s guidance and help everyday of your life, not just when crisis comes
  5. We should position ourselves to be obedient to His guidance and instruction, and correction when it comes our way


One Response to “The Perfect Life”

  1. Barbara L. McGuire Says:

    Good to be reminded of the 5 things you listed! Blessings….

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