Which Doctor?

This is a purely hypothetical story, and bears no relation to any real situation.

You find yourself facing a medical procedure, and you have two doctors to choose from.  You decide to have a short discussion with each in the hopes of helping you make your decision.  For the sake of argument we simply call them Doctor Henry, and Doctor George.  Here are fragments from the conversation:

Me: Doc Henry tell me a bit about what you intend to do?

Doc Henry:  Well, to tell the truth, I have to admit I’m really concerned about my patients and the pain that any procedure might cause them.  It makes me a bit nervous to do any surgery, as I know the healing process could cause pain.


Me: Doc George, tell me a bit about what you intend to do?

Doc George:  Well, we will get in there and take care of the problem as best as we can.  I’ve done this surgery hundreds of times, and the outcomes have been good, so I’m not worried.


Doc Henry is obviously a compassionate doctor, and cares about his patients.  But, would you choose him to perform your procedure?  Or, would you choose the doctor that seems to be less compassionate, but more professional?

Why is this story important? [With all of my postings you should be asking yourself this question]

It’s important because we get so easily confused about what real compassion is.  We think ‘real’ compassion is the mushy, lovey, kind of thing, but we forget that sometimes the better choice is the one that is more down-to-earth and less touchy feely.  That real compassion is not always the easy choice or the one with less pain.  Sometimes the best choice is not always the obvious one, or the one of least resistance.  That sometimes compassion is really about being firm and decisive and not wishy washy.  Sometimes compassion, wrongly used, can cause us to endure more pain, than if we had made the tough decision to begin with.

Perhaps Proverbs 27:6 might fit in here somewhere:

Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.

We see two contrasting things here.  What are the ‘wounds’ of a friend?  It is a friend that will tell you the truth, not to hurt you, but to help you.  What are the ‘kisses’ of an enemy?  They are the words of flattery, and praise, but are lies, that eventually cause hurt and destruction.

So, don’t be confused.  Learn to separate the good from the bad.  Do not accept all things by appearance or by its cover.  Do not discount those things that appear to be hurtful, but are actually good advice from a friend.  In brief, don’t be fooled, but be wise.

One Response to “Which Doctor?”

  1. Barbara L. McGuire Says:

    Loved this blog! Simple yet powerful!! I’ve always tried to be the kind of friend that will tell it like it is (in the love of Christ, of course)! And….I can instantly spot the “kisses of an enemy! Unfortunately, life is full of those kind of people! Great reading! Blessings….

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