Don’t Be Trivial

As I write blog postings this thought is always upmost in my mind.  By ‘trivial’ I mean self-serving, spouting witticisms, exploring my own theories, expounding on things I really know nothing about, that sort of thing.  We already have enough of that coming from TV evangelists, authors, and even pulpits.

Being ‘trivial’ also means to me that what I write needs to be inspired, if it is to do any lasting good.  You don’t really need my thoughts, my ideas, my opinions.  It would be better if they were truly inspired, and had the approval of God, Himself.  Is that possible?  Yes, I think it is.

The great mystery is the vessels He chooses to use to accomplish His work.  The vessels He uses are flawed, full of human frailty, and human weakness.  They are far from perfect, at least speaking for myself.  They don’t know everything, even if some pretend that they do.  They make mistakes.

But, God does not discard these less than perfect instruments.  He can use them if they are willing.  My wife has two sayings she uses to describe me, both of them true:

  1. He’s a ‘deep’ thinker
  2. He’s a tortured soul

Of course, number #1 has a lot to do with #2.  ‘Deep thinkers’ do tend to suffer more than most.  They ponder the imponderables.  They think about their lives in the larger context of eternity, not just the now.  And, truthfully, some of this thinking is not healthy or recommended.  But, it also allows me to present a different perspective on things that might be of some help to someone.  Thinking ‘differently’ is really something needed in our modern world, where conformity is rewarded and original thinking is mostly punished.

Although I’ve made postings on a variety of subjects and topics, I do have a general plan for its purpose and mission that runs throughout every posting I’ve ever made.  In summary, the mission of every posting is to convey these simple concepts:

  1. Life is not always as we would like it to be.  There are times when ‘smooth sailing’ seems to be far away.  But, you are not alone.
  2. We don’t need any more ‘sugar coated’ stories, as there already seems to be enough of those any which way you turn.
  3. God has a plan for us.  However, we may not always understand what that plan is, or where it is going.
  4. I do believe that there is also a ‘purpose’ to our life, but I also believe we may not always understand what that purpose is.  In fact, we may think we know God’s purpose and be wrong.
  5. Very little, if anything, happens by accident.  Even painful events in our life (and sometimes there are many) serve some purpose, but once again, we may not always understand that purpose.
  6. God understands a lot more of what we are dealing with – physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, relationships, etc… than we give Him credit for.  And, He is there for us.  Yes, we may have to accept that on faith, which means we don’t see it, we don’t feel it, we can’t hold it in our hands.
  7. What we do and say probably has a more profound eternal impact then we can imagine.  Impact on us, and impact on others.
  8. People don’t like to be preached to.  No one wants to hear about how wrong some things are.  They already know that.  What they need to know is that there is a God who can listen and forgive, and allow us to start afresh.  We are not talking about second chances here, but third, fourth, fifth, etc.. chances.
  9. Love will ultimately conquer all things.  Love may appear to be weak, and may appear unable to overcome evil, but love will prevail.


One Response to “Don’t Be Trivial”

  1. Barbara L. McGuire Says:

    Wow! I truly think this one blog sums up all your other writings! I’m printing this one off and keeping it for reference. The contents of this needs to be read often. It was a great writing and something that should be pondered often! Yes, this is totally ministry summed up…….

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