The Seven Stars

As we know, the beginning of the Book of Revelation starts with a revelation of Jesus, and seven letters to the seven churches.  This vision of Jesus shows Him in the midst of seven golden candlesticks, and in His right hand seven stars.  The explanation is given that the seven golden candlesticks represent the seven churches, and the stars represent the angels of the churches.

Jesus doesn’t actually address the letters to the churches, but to the angels of the churches.  No doubt these angels are special as they are represented by stars, bright, brilliant, and beautiful.  Not only in appearance, but because He holds them in His right hand – the hand symbolic of power and strength.

Now there are only two plausible explanations for these angel/stars:

  1. They are actual angels of God, put into each church, and possibly in charge of each church.
  2. They are the pastors of the churches.

If we consider explanation #1, then it becomes clear God has placed an angel in charge of each church.  Not just these seven churches, but in every church on planet earth.  What a thought!  An angel of God overseeing every church.

Explanation #2 is also significant, for it would illuminate the responsibility and authority God has granted to each pastor of every church.

What about the candlesticks?

They represent each church is to be a light in a dark world.  A light that cannot be hidden.  A light that darkness cannot overtake.

So, while sometimes the outlook may look bleak, and it may appear God’s church is weak in the face of the darkness in the world, the truth is somewhat different.  Each church is a candlestick, and has a star to guide them.  These stars are held in the right hand of Jesus Himself, and Jesus, Himself, is walking in the midst of the golden candlesticks.  He is not removed.  His not distant.  He is among His people.  And, ultimately, His church will prevail.

While pastors may endure great trials and conflict, and travail in prayer, Jesus holds them in His right hand, and no one is powerful enough to remove them from His hand.  The same hand that was pierced in order to purchase the church and give them a certain future.  So, pastors, chin up.  Your efforts will be rewarded.

One Response to “The Seven Stars”

  1. Barbara L. McGuire Says:

    This was great food for thought. I’ve never thought of it in this light but it was truly a revelation. As always, thanks for being such a blessing AND a “light” in this dark world!

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