Called to the Ministry

There are quite a few people these days who feel ‘called to the ministry’.  This is good, and I’m certainly not one to tell someone they are not called.  But, being called to the ministry can sometimes be confused by:

  • Emotions
  • Willingness to help people in their spiritual walk
  • Enthusiasm in witnessing
  • Desire to lead

All of these have their place, but it is hardly a true call.  There are folks who are well-meaning, and who have taken their place in the ministry ranks, who really are not where they should be.

First let’s be clear.  To some degree every Christian is ‘called’ to do some ministry work, although this work may not be credentialed or preaching from the pulpit.  The area of ‘ministry’ actually covers a broad spectrum, far beyond pastoring, preaching, or even teaching.

A true call to ministry is a God-chosen, God-called task.  It is not based on how we feel, what we think, or what we may reason.  It is not based on career, family background, or even on skill or talent (God can provide some skills).  God, Himself, is the caller, and assigner of ministry tasks, or at least that is how it is supposed to be.  Some take matters into their own hands, and suffer because of these ill-advised choices.

Besides all that, ministry can change over the years, as God leads the way.  It is not static.  We can see this clearly in the life of Paul, who started off as an evangelist, then overseer, and finally as an author of about 14 books in the Bible.  He is still Paul, but God has moved his ministry to fit where He needed Paul at various times in Paul’s life.

So, how does one know if they are called to ministry?

Good question, and the answer is I don’t know.  Some people receive an audible instruction from God, while others are lead their through circumstances of life.  Some receive instructions via prayer.  Only you can answer whether you are called or not.  But, as stated above, everyone is called to do something.  It may be something that is completely behind-the-scenes, or it may be something that is not a position.  The key is to be willing to do those things God instructs us to do.

I do believe that in the end, no one guides his/her own ministry.  It should be led of God.  Only then can we fulfill the commission God has given for our life.

One Response to “Called to the Ministry”

  1. Barbara L. McGuire Says:

    Oh my…such truth in this blog! Somehow the majority of people see the “glamour” of ministry. There is NO glamour! In order to survive one must make sure they are “called”! It’s a hard life although rewarding. What people fail to see is what your post declares…yes, we are all “called” but it does not have to be behind the pulpit. There are many areas of ministry just inside the church and it takes being “called” to do a great job in these areas. When one is called the sacrifice made does not compare to the peace felt in fulfilling that calling. I wish every Christian could read this blog! Blessings…

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