Don’t Be a Squirrel

Poor squirrels.  Not a day goes by I don’t see one or more squirrels dead on the street, hit or run over by an auto or truck.  I don’t see too many other animal types, mostly squirrels.

As I have observed these animals move about I find they possess two traits that have proven deadly for them:

  1. They change their mind frequently – cross the road, don’t cross the road, cross the road – smack!!
  2. They invariably seem to wait until traffic is heaviest to cross the road.  In short, their timing is lousy.  If they would have crossed a few seconds before or after they would still be alive, but instead seem motivated to cross the road when traffic is heaviest.

What does this have to do with us?

Well, it occurs to me we might learn a few things from the squirrel’s mistakes.

Granted, there are times when changing our mind is warranted, but I would dare say that flipping back-n-forth on a critical decision on a frequent basis is a recipe for disaster.  The scriptures even support this concept:

“A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways”

Make up your mind, and then go for it.  You might stand less of a chance of being whacked.  Will you make wrong choices?  Maybe, sometimes, but there are circumstances where flipping back-n-forth on a decision is worse than making a wrong one.  When I worked electrical construction (many years ago), I had several foreman who, after looking at the blueprints for several minutes declared, “Well, let’s do something even if it’s wrong!”…..  At the time I was a young man and this seemed like a very strange statement to make, but now that I’m older it actually makes more sense.  Indecision can be a terrible thing, and if you are a squirrel it can be deadly.

The second item is a bit tricky.  To some degree we all have issues with timing.  I may be the world’s expert on timing – that is, less than excellent timing.  But, I’ve tried to learn from my mistakes, and to exercise better timing.  There is a time to be angry, and there is a time to be calm.  There is a time to speak, and a time to be silent.  For a full list check out Ecclesiastes.  He says a lot about timing.

Now that we’ve covered the squirrel, we won’t want to leave out the armadillo.  In Texas we have more than our share of armadillos, and many of them are killed on the highway.  They are slower than squirrels, but that is not their primary fault.  Most armadillos don’t die by being run over by cars or trucks.  They die because when frightened they jump – straight up.  When a car or truck passes over and they get scared and jump disaster follows.

We all get scared or frightened from time to time, but take a lesson from the armadillo – this is not the time to jump unless you want to get whacked.

One Response to “Don’t Be a Squirrel”

  1. Barbara L. McGuire Says:

    This is definitely a keeper! Printed it off and adding it to the special ones. I will never look at another squirrel the same way as in the past! Very simple writing but it is packed with a whole lot of thought provoking statements. I loved it! Ranks right up there with Rebar! That will always be my all time favorite! Blessings….

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