Does God Limit His Knowledge?

This is a topic for which I’m totally unqualified to comment on or pose theories, but here we go again.

We know that God knows everything.  There is nothing hidden from Him, concerning the past, present, or future.  However, when dealing with us He does seem to limit His vast knowledge, probably for our own good.

God deals with us in the ‘here and now’ aspect of our lives.  He doesn’t second guess or reveal the future to us, or our future failures.

Virtually every scripture reference where God deals directly with an individual we can see this at work.  There are a few rare instances where God does reveal certain future events to people, but it is rare and selective.  For example, Jesus reveals to Peter that Peter will deny Him three times.  This is certainly a revelation concerning the future, but these events are rare compared with God’s regular practice of dealing with the ‘here and now’ aspect of a person’s life.

Rather than drawing on specific examples, and there are many, to prove my point, I’d rather ask the question, “Why does He do this?”

I suspect it is because we simply could not deal with it.  Jesus, Himself, directs us to deal with day at hand, and not try to solve all future problems.  The burden is simply too great.  Take for example the marriage of two people who are in love.  Would it be proper to advise them there are many hard challenges ahead of them, or that should they live long enough, one of them may have to bury the other? Of course not.  Anymore than it would be proper to tell the mother of a new child that there may be many heartaches ahead when the child grows to be a rebellious teenager.

God did not design and build us to deal with such unknown future events, which may, or may not, come to pass.  We are simply to deal with life as it comes.  Not always knowing which twists and turns lie in our path.

I will use one illustration to drive my point home.  Jesus knew well ahead of time that He would be called on to sacrifice His life, and be brutally treated and crucified during Passover.  But, He refused to deal with the agony of this event ahead of time, as there were many tasks that still needed to be accomplished.  It wasn’t until that very morning, in the Garden, that He dealt with the enormity and struggle associated with this event.  By pushing the worry, anxiety, stress, and paralyzing fear ahead, He dealt with it at the appropriate time, and not a day before.

We are fearful of many things:  our health, our children’s future, our pending death, our financial future, the world’s future, questions about the economy, fears of conflict and possible war, our career, the list is endless.  In the end, most of these things we can do nothing about, but that doesn’t stop of us from being fearful or anxious.

I’m not saying I have mastered this concept, as I’m still working on it.  But, the more I can focus on the ‘here and now’ the less stress I experience in my own life.

This idea almost seems like a cop-out, but it is not.  It’s part of self-preservation and keeping a sound mind in the midst of trouble and chaos going on around us.  God has a hand in our future, and the things that come into our life.  We have to trust His judgment that He knows what He is doing.

This does not give excuse to not planning ahead.  Planning ahead is a good thing.  Stressing about it, being anxious about it, worrying about it,those are the things to be avoided, as they paralyze us with fear, and prevent us from doing what needs to be done right now.

You cannot change the past, and your don’t know the future, so all you can really focus on is today.  If we can learn how to do that we will all do much better.

2 Responses to “Does God Limit His Knowledge?”

  1. Carol Gilham Says:

    A great topic! Great commentary, Chuck!

  2. Barbara L. McGuire Says:

    I LOVED this blog. It is rich with sound advise that works! It’s sad that it usually takes one a long time before one can get to this place but that’s just part of the journey, I guess. As always, thank you for the inspiration you truly are. Blessings…

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