When is Enough, Enough?

I hate postings that are philosophical, don’t you?  Most of the time philosophical writings are meanderings of a mind trying to answer questions that cannot be answered.  But, here I go…

I think most everyone wants to live a life that is meaningful, successful, full of positive achievements, etc…

But, how is that measured?  In our human existence it is mostly measured in terms of civic accomplishments, business accomplishments, humanitarian accomplishments, fame, wealth, and even acts of infamy.  Little note is given to those majority of people who never make the evening news, never achieve positions of great power or wealth.  They’re simply living their lives the best they can.

So, when is enough, enough?  When can we say we have fulfilled our purpose God has given us, and we have done a good job at it?  That’s a difficult one to answer, as God is the sole judge as to the meaningfulness and real accomplishments of our life.  From everything I can gain from His Word, it has nothing to do with the things we deem important, such as fame, wealth, position, or even world-achievements.  God seems to care less whether we built the Golden Gate Bridge, or a little toy bridge for our grandchildren.

Then what does carry weight with God?

Well, one, our relationship with Him.  But, secondly, what we do for others while we have the opportunity.  It doesn’t seem to matter if the task is large or small.  Also doesn’t matter if it makes the newspapers or is completely unknown to anyone but Him.

I believe every life has a purpose.  This purpose is not for evil or destruction, or selfish ambition.  It is a test.  A test designed to determine our true nature, character, and obedience.  The only judge is God, Himself.  While living there is little means to quantify and measure our score card.  This will be tallied when He calls us home.

It has long been on my mind that it is certainly impossible to help everyone, therefore, the task must seem too big to tackle, so why bother?  While it may be true you cannot help everyone, that is not your job,  Your job may be to help someone you can help.  No, you cannot fix everyone else’s problems, nor should you try.  But, what if the task is not to fix a problem, but to simply render aid.  We always think of aid in terms of $$$ and gifts, but there could be more involved than those things.  A word of encouragement.  A handshake or embrace at the right time and place.  Listening.  Praying.  Sharing someone’s burden.  Giving a cup of cool water.

Granted, these things don’t seem to add up to much.  And when measuring a life of such little tasks, it may seem far too little accomplished to amount to much.  But, if that is what God has called you to do who can say it is too little, or doesn’t add up to much?  Ultimately, He will be the final judge of what we have accomplished, and if we have fulfilled what His purpose for us has been.

Was the world helped by our being around, or did we simply consume air, food, clothes, and time?  Was anyone helped by our being put here by our Creator?  It is a question we should ask ourselves, at least once or twice…

One Response to “When is Enough, Enough?”

  1. Barbara L. McGuire Says:

    Excellent blog. I have to remind myself sometimes that God has a record of all the seemingly trivial things we do, especially in regard to helping others. I’m thankful He has a record because what might seem so little to us, just might be huge to Him. Thank you for the blessing you always are!

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