Time to buy another box.  Ok, so I use two a day.  Enough about personal hygiene, though.  Let me get to the point.

I get a brand new box, and it seems there is an endless supply.  In fact, it diminishes so slowly I hardly even notice a change from day-to-day.  But, over time I’ve made a dent in the box, but still nothing to be concerned about.  As time passes I’ve used half the box that when new seemed endless.  Still nothing to be concerned about, certainly not planning on going back to the store anytime soon.

When there is only 1/4 box left, I begin shifting q-tips around a bit in the box, just to make them easier to get to.  And then it happens – there are only 10-20 left.  I’m a bit amazed, although I shouldn’t be, that the ‘endless’ box is almost at its end.  After all, it’s not something very important in my life that I pay much attention to.

So are the days of our life.  Just like q-tips it first appears there is an endless supply.  And even when half are gone, nothing to worry about.  And then we get down to 1/4 and began shuffling things around some.  By the time we get down to 10-20 we are suddenly surprised, even though we shouldn’t be.

I know – this sounds like a real ‘downer’ of a posting, but it is not intended to be.  It is just a reminder that life is precious.  Days are not endless.  So, with God’s help we need to try to make every day count.  There’s no need to wait until we get to 10-20 before thinking about our relationship with God, either.  Today is the day….

One Response to “Q-tips”

  1. Bea McGuire Says:

    I loved this blog and it’s so true! What a great example! I won’t forget this. Simple but powerful!! Blessings….

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