You Don’t Have to Like Worms to Use Them as Bait

Now there is a title, if ever there was one.  This is a short note to the ‘church’ body, including leaders, ministers, and laity.

There’s a lot going on in the church world today.  We have sound systems, lights, cameras, production assistants, and specialists handling all different aspects of the service.  And, of course, there is a lot of resistance that goes along with all these changes:

  1. “We’ve never done it this way before!”
  2. “Why, it is disgraceful what they are doing!”
  3. “I don’t think the church needs to stand for this!”

Granted – the sanctuary needs to be treated with respect and not become a Hollywood production platform.  We don’t need to make ‘stars’ out of our music leaders or ministers.  But, on the other hand – and thinking about this differently – we also don’t need to like the ‘bait’ we use to catch fish.

Hence the title of this posting.  If a good music system and lighting is what it takes to attract people to the House of God, then we need to make some adjustments in our thinking.  You don’t have to like these things to understand that it takes bait to attract some people.

So, try a little tolerance, and be mindful of the fact that people are not attracted to a church if it is grimy, old fashioned, stodgy, discriminating, and filled with ‘exclusive members only – all others need not apply’.

Progressive music, and judicious use of new things – cameras, lighting, and sound need to be kept modern if we are to attract the lost.  This doesn’t mean we turn the church into a night-club or stage with performers, but it means we need to be mindful that if you are going to catch fish you need to use bait, and you don’t have to like the bait.

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