Touch One Life

Life is complex. We set personal goals, business goals, family goals, short-term goals, long-term goals. We have things we must accomplish this month, this week, today. Things get messy, and there are times when we wonder if we’ve made any progress at all, or have we simply be going around in circles. Running through life, like we were on a treadmill, but not really going anywhere.

But, if we could somehow touch the lives of millions of people like Billy Graham did, we might be satisfied that our life was worthwhile. But, most of us realize that we may not have that opportunity, so we adjust our sights to just touch the lives of a few thousand people. And then a few hundred. And then a handful. And then maybe just our family, our children, or grandchildren.

At some point we may even wonder if we have helped anyone. Well, I’m here to tell you something amazing, something so profound, that it may seem untrue. You only need to touch one person. That’s right – one person.

Now I can hear the voices of my readers saying, “That simply doesn’t make sense. Just one person? That’s not very much.” Really? Not much? Then my counter question would be, “How do you know?”

By our simple act of touching one person, we may change the course of history itself. And, even if it does not change the history of the world, it might change the trajectory of that one life, and probably many more.

What does it mean to ‘touch’ a life? Of course, a good hug is always a good thing, but I’m talking about something else. To me a ‘touch’ means you have poured something into someone. You have given something you have and have shared it with someone. Of course, the most valuable things you can give someone is not money or possessions or things. It is something very personal to you. It is a part of you. It could be your advice. Your correction. Your attention. Your ability to listen. Your time. Your praise. Your encouragement.

Just one life. Are you willing to take up the challenge? Can you make a difference to one life?

One Response to “Touch One Life”

  1. Barbara L. McGuire Says:

    Interesting read especially when it comes to ministry. How many times have I wondered if I am making a difference in anyone’s life. This blog was just a reminder that one never really knows who one has touched. Point is, we must all keep trying. As always, thank you for the blessing you are and for all the lives you are touching and making a difference in! Blessings…

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